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Joel Chandler Owner/Installer

507 West Lois Lane, Bloomington, Indiana 47403

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Bathroom remodeling expert  (all phases)                     Custom walk in showers my specialty

               Install all types of flooring

Expert tile installer   34 years experience locally

Owner/ Installer  Joel Chandler  812-334-1766

                Chandler Tile and Marble LLC

                   Joel Chandler

          Tile & flooring  expert  

your  one stop shop on all trade services  

Owned and operated for over 30 years  consecutively in Monroe County.


  Call or text to   812-334-1766              virtual estimates available                                            or on sight.                                                                 Located on the south side of Bloomington

Chandler Tile and Marble llc



​​        Home improvement contractor 

​        Bathroom remodeling and tile /flooring expert

         Your one stop shop on all trade services